The tests at High Range Tests are certified by the ICON High IQ Society.

How To Join

Submit an IQ test certficate/score report with a qualifying score to icon@thehighiqsociety.org, or try the ICON certified tests here. Our lifetime membership fee is a very-affordable $10.

Prior Tests

124IQ sd.15 minimum

  • High Range Tests(ICON Certified)
  • Any normed test by Randy Myers(AIT and CST)
  • Mensa
  • Stanford-Binet
  • Ravens
  • MAT
  • Woodcock-Johnson
  • American College Testing (ACT)
  • Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
  • C-09, Xavier Jouve
  • LSHR, LSHR Light, Numerus, Numerus Light, Triplex, Einplex, Ivan Ivec
  • Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance Examination (NVCPE), Xavier Jouve
  • Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance Examination – Revised (NVCP-R), Xavier Jouve
  • EPC-L, Xavier Jouve
  • Mega test, Ronald Hoeflin (dated before 24 April 1999)
  • Mega 27, Ronald Hoeflin (dated before 17 November 1999)
  • Titan Test, Ronald Hoeflin (dated before 24 April 1999)
  • Ultra Test, Ronald Hoeflin
  • Hoeflin Power Test, Ronald Hoeflin
  • Test For Genius (Revision 2004), Paul Cooijmans
  • Cooijmans Intelligence Test – Form 3E, Paul Cooijmans
  • Nemesis Test, Paul Cooijmans
  • Strict Logic Sequences Examination Form I, Jonathan Wai
  • Strict Logic Sequences Examination Form II, Jonathan Wai
  • Strict Logic Spatial Examination 48, Jonathan Wai
  • Logicaus Strictimanus 24 (LS24), Roberto Lato
  • Logima Strictica 36 (LS36), Roberto Lato
  • LS60 (LS36 + LS24), Roberto Lato
  • Any test by Hans Sjoberg

ICON Admissions Test

A more simpler way to join our society is to take our admissions test. The ICON Admissions Test contains 20 items and and is untimed. You are only allowed two attempts. Good luck and thank you for taking our admissions test.

Lifetime Membership Fee

Our lifetime membership fee only costs a very affordable $10. you can pay with a debit/credit card or with paypal.

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About Our Society

ICON membership is open to gifted individuals that possess an intelligence quotient in the top 5 percentile of the population.

ICON is an acronym for Imagination. Creativity. Originality. Network.. ICON was created in 2014. We have gathered members from all over the world since 2014.Our founder, Randy Myers, has built this website and its entrance test, the ICON test. We will replace this test with a 'fill-in-the-blank' test in the coming months. You can take this test for free. It costs an extremely affordable $10 to join our society, with no recurring fees. All of our member communicate on our website forum and Facebook groups. Our members access their forum though their user dashboard, which has other features as well. New members are emailed a certificate and account information at no extra charge and are entitled to attending any future gatherings. Our members must abide by our society rules. We do not allow trolling(harassing other members). Our staff will warn the person, and if this problem continues, will ban the person. It is a society filled with intelligent individuals that enjoy engaging in intellectual conversation, but it is also a safe society. Do no hesitate to join us and enjoy the many benefits of being an ICON member and meeting new people.

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ICON is developed by Randy Myers.




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ICON Society is the 55th WIN member society.

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